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The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers a range of funding opportunities for students. Our philanthropic-based scholarships span all the academic units, departments, schools and centers within our college. From college-specific awards to creative writing scholarships and mathematics prizes, our undergraduate and graduate students may be eligible for a variety of scholarships in their field of study along with university-wide awards for merit and financial need. 

There is a vast amount of opportunities to fund your education beyond what’s listed here. To learn more about the scholarships and awards available, visit your academic unit’s website, talk with your advisor or browse the 2017-18 ASU Scholarship Portal

The following scholarships are listed by academic unit. For more information, view the academic unit's webpage or contact the designated person.

Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Contact Information: Kendra TerBeek

Center for Meteorite Studies

  • Nininger Science of Meteoritics Award

Contact Information: Susan Nowak

Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict

  • Religion and Conflict Undergraduate Research Fellows Program

Contact information: Carolyn Forbes

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Awards (By nomination only)

  • Jean Chaudhuri Award
  • Len and Rena Gordon "Spunky" Award
  • Sun Angel Funk Award

Contact Information: Jeffrey Banner

Department of English

  • Jules J. Anatole Creative Writing Scholarship
  • English Department Faculty Scholarship
  • Film and Media Studies Scholarship
  • Friends of the Department of English Scholarship
  • Nick Ivins Memorial Literature Scholarship
  • Mabelle A. Lyon Poetry Award
  • Don and Alleen Nilsen Humor Scholarship
  • Scott Soutullo First Generation African American Literature Scholarship
  • Glendon and Kathryn Swarthout Awards in Writing

Contact information: Kristen LaRue

Department of Physics

  • Arek Dieterle Memorial Award
  • Department Awards
  • John and Richard Jacob Award for Undergraduate Research
  • Molecular Imaging Corporation Scholarships
  • William J. and Carol M. Motil Endowed Scholarships
  • Stoelzel Physics Scholarships
  • Richard G. Stoner Scholarship
  • John C. Wheatley Undergraduate Research Scholarship
  • Improving Physics and Chimstry Teachers Scholarship

Contact Information: Ixtchell Ledesma

Department of Psychology

  • Clinical Psychology Scholarships
  • Department Awards
  • Zita M. Johnson Child Study Scholarship
  • Ernest Lindholm Memorial Award (outstanding senior in biopsychology)
  • Phil Mickelson Award for Excellence in Psychology
  • Dariel Truter Overby Memorial Scholarship
  • Smith Marshall Scholarship

Contact Information: Kathryn Lemery

Hugh Downs School of Human Communication

  • Barnes Pharr Scholarship
  • Hugh Downs Scholarships
  • William and Teeny Drakos Scholarship
  • Alexander and Vivian Gentleman Scholarship
  • House of Broadcasting Inc. Endowed Scholarship
  • Robert and Sue Karatz Forensics Endowed Scholarship
  • Rusty and Rosie Lyon Endowed Scholarship
  • Louis and Louise Menk Endowed Scholarship
  • Christine M. Muldoon Communications Scholarship
  • Norman K. Perrill Scholarship
  • Kristin Bervig Valentine Scholarship in Performance Studies
  • Working Your Way Through Scholarship

Contact Information: Sue Wurster

Jewish Studies

  • Harold H. Alpert Memorial Scholarship
  • Cabot Family Scholarship
  • Joan Frazer Memorial Award for Judaism and the Arts
  • Benjamin Goldberg Scholarships
  • Seymour H. Jacobs Memorial Scholarship
  • Jewish Studies Scholarships, Fellowships and Grants for Gerda Klein papers
  • Rabbi Morris N. and Julia Kertzer Scholarship
  • Schwartz Research, Study and Travel Grants
  • Schwartz Scholars
  • Jess Schwartz Scholarships

Contact Information: Dawn Beeson

Origins Project

  • Norman K. Perrill Scholarship

Contact Information: Cynthia Schulze


  • Dr. Richard O. Flynn Pre-Med Scholarship
  • Fred Holmes Pre-Med Scholarship

Contact Information: Phillip Scharf

School of Earth and Space Exploration

  • Ravi DeFilippo Geology Field Camp Scholarship
  • Robert S. Dietz Field Camp Scholarships
  • Ronald Greeley Planetary Geology Scholarship
  • Nininger Meteoritics Award

Contact Information: Rebecca Polley

School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning

  • Matthew G. Bailey Scholarship Award
  • Ray Henkel Scholarship Award
  • Gage Davis Associates Urban Planning Travel Scholarship

Contact information:

School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies

  • Christine Sato Memorial Scholarship in Philosophy Endowment
  • Douglas G. Arner Academic Freedom Scholarship
  • Friends of History Scholarship
  • Friends of Philosophy Scholarship
  • Friends of Religious Studies Scholarship
  • Guilford A. Dudley Memorial Prize in Asian Studies
  • Norton and Ramsey Religious Study in Israel Scholarship
  • Sage Family Southeast Asian Studies Scholarship
  • SHPRS Veterans Scholarship
  • Steve and Margaret Forster Memorial Scholarship in Religious Studies
  • Wallace E. Adams Memorial Award

Contact Information: Norma Villa

School of Human Evolution and Social Change

  • Alumni Award for Undergraduate Academic Achievement in Anthropology
  • Cynthia Lakin Memorial Scholarship

Contact Information: Anika Hutchinson

School of International Letters and Cultures

  • Department Scholarships
  • Herschel Epstein Study in Italy Scholarship
  • Robert J. Kestelik LGBT Leadership Scholarship
  • Argentine Studies Scholarship
  • John H. and Sandra B. Koo Prize
  • Quino E. Martinez Scholarship
  • Eugenia Y. Tu Chinese Beginner Prize

Contact Information: Barbara Fleming

School of Life Sciences

  • Danielle Aronson Memorial Scholarship (plant biology and plant science)
  • Edward and Linda Birge Scholarship
  • Ralph A. Fisher, Jr. Scholarships (biology and plant biology)
  • John F. Schmidt Life Sciences Scholarship
  • SOLS Undergraduate
  • Joyce Foster Larson Scholarship
  • Carson Senger New American University Scholarship
  • Michele and Robert Page First Generation Scholarship
  • Dr. Harry Gilbert and Doris Loraine Crecelius Scholarship
  • Dr. K. Michael Peddecord and Mary Ann Peddecord Scholarship

Contact Information:

School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

  • Actuarial Awards
  • Arizona Power Authority Scholarship
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Actuarial Science Scholarship
  • Joaquin Bustoz Memorial Scholarship
  • Jack H. Hawes Memorial Mathematics Research Scholarship
  • Ioana Elise Hociota!!! Memorial Mathematics Scholarship
  • André Levard Mackey Scholarship
  • Mathematics Undergraduate Scholarship Program
  • John Olson Scholarship Endowment
  • Charles Wexler Mathematics Prize
  • Actuarial Sciences Scholarship
  • ASU ACT Faculty Pioneers Scholarship
  • Robert G. Maule Actuarial Excellence Scholarship
  • Nationwide Insurance - E&S-Specialty Actuarial Science Scholarship
  • Optumas Actuarial Science Scholarship
  • Tom and Zona Lorig Scholarship
  • W .R. Berkley/Nautilus Insurance Analytics Scholarship

Contact Information: Tracey Hayes

School of Molecular Sciences 

Contact Information:

School of Politics and Global Studies

  • Craig and Barbara Barrett Political Science Scholarship
  • Kenneth C. Behringer Political Science Undergraduate Research Scholarship
  • Capitol Scholars
  • Herman R. Frazier Scholarship in Political Science
  • Getsinger Family Capitol Scholars
  • Calvin M. Holman Political Science Scholarship
  • William D. Kavan Political Science Scholarship
  • Zachary J. Marco Capital Scholars Scholarship
  • Sarah Anne McNeil Memorial Scholarship in Political Science
  • Ross R. Rice Awards
  • Norma F. Schuessler Scholarship
  • Global Studies Internship Scholarships

Contact Information: Meaghan Dirksen

School of Social Transformation

  • African and African American Studies Book Scholarship
  • Arizona Constables State Association Scholarship
  • Asian Pacific American Community Scholarship
  • David Wayne Isom Scholarship
  • Feldt-Barbanell Scholarship for Feminist Leadership
  • First Generation Justice Studies Alumni Scholarship
  • Lionel E. Rombach Scholarship
  • Norton and Ramsey Undergraduate Research Scholarship
  • Norton Grant for Women's Studies in Justice Studies Scholarship
  • Norton Women and Gender Studies Undergraduate Research Scholarship
  • Russell L. Duncan Memorial Scholarship
  • Susan Marie Schmidt Memorial Award
  • Uta Monique Behrens First Generation Women's Studies Scholarship
  • Y. F. Wu Scholarships

Contact Information: Johnny Roldan-Chacon

School of Transborder Studies

  • Latinidad Series Scholarship
  • Transborder Studies General Scholarship
  • Wells Fargo Scholars in Business and in Transborder Studies
  • Wells Fargo Transborder Chicana/o and Latina/o Studies Research Scholarship 

Contact Information: Patricia Corona

Study Abroad Scholarships

Contact Information: Jeffrey Banner

T. Denny Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics

  • Emily Burns Scholarship
  • Butterfield Scholarship
  • Susan N. Coleman Scholarship in Gerontology
  • Ruth Cowden Scholarships
  • Del Webb Gerontology Scholarship
  • Fitch-Craig Scholarships
  • John W. Hudson Memorial Award
  • Anna and Don Kirkman Family Scholarship
  • Elizabeth A. Monts Memorial Scholarship
  • Wilde Family Undergraduate Research Scholarship

Contact Information: 480-965-4233, Sarah Ericson