Residential Communities

What is a residential community?

A residential community is a place where students from the same academic discipline come to live and learn together. Our living-learning communities are housed within a residential college and are designed to foster student success by easing the transition from high school to university life. When you live in a residential community, you’ll meet friends who share your interests, develop better study skills in a collaborative environment and engage in university events to enhance your overall development.

Live on campus in a residence hall


When you live in Manzanita Hall, a recently renovated co-ed hall for freshman, you can enjoy a variety of amenities like lounges on every other floor and recreational entertainment. This residential community is home to Manzy Square, the only dining facility on the north campus that’s all-you-care-to-eat. Plus, you’ll be right across the street from the Sun Devil Stadium and just minutes from downtown Tempe and Mill Avenue.


McClintock Hall is located right in the center of campus within close proximity to many of our points of pride like the iconic underground Hayden Library, the beautiful Cady Fountain and the Memorial Union. When you live in this residential community, you can complete your homework in a top-notch computer lab, hang out with other residents during weekly social activities or play a few games of volleyball at the community court.

Palo Verde West

In Palo Verde West, you’ll live on the north side of campus in a double-occupancy room with a suite-style bathroom. This residential community is home to a tutoring center, academic advising and a computer lab to make sure you have the resources to succeed your first year of college. Plus, the Hub in nearby Palo Verde East is home to a variety of accommodations like the UPS Store, the University Housing Technology Center and Starbucks.

San Pablo – CLAS Academy

If you’re a high-achieving student who received an academic scholarship, you have the unique opportunity to live in San Pablo where our CLAS Academy resides. Similar to other communities, you’ll share a double-occupancy living corridor and a suite-style bathroom. You’ll be just steps away from the Wells Fargo Arena and a couple blocks from Tempe and Mill Avenue. From advising to tutoring, you’ll also have access to many great amenities.

Why live in one of our residential communities?

Leaving home for college is a huge change, but we’re here to help ease your transition. When you live on the Tempe campus in one of our residential communities, you’ll have the resources to thrive at the intellectual heart of the university with students who share your academic interests.

Our residential communities provide a supportive, vibrant environment designed to help you succeed at the university. Living among fellow students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, you’ll have access to opportunities and experiences that will contribute to your personal and professional development.

As the largest college at the university with the most choice and diversity of studies, our residential communities are a great way to learn about departmental activities as you start forging connections with faculty and students. 

When you live in a residential community, you’ll have a Community Mentor – an upper-class student who lives on the same floor and supports your journey toward success as a first-year student. Our mentors are well-rounded, enthusiastic scholars who are great resources and can provide advice on how to succeed. 

How do I make a housing selection?

      1. All first-time incoming freshmen admitted to majors in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are eligible to live in one of the three buildings housing our residential communities. If you want to live in San Pablo, please see our eligibility requirements for being a part of the CLAS Academy.
      2. After you're admitted to the university and have submitted the enrollment deposit, all housing options will be viewable on My ASU.
      3. Complete your housing and dining confirmation. Select the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences community of your choice.


Do you still have questions?

If you still have questions about living in one of our residential communities, contact Grace Fama in the Office of Student and Academic Programs at 480-965-6506 or