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Course Override Form

Fill out the Course Override form to begin the process for requesting a class override for courses offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS).  To verify the college offering the course, click on the course description in the ASU Schedule of Classes.  After the course description and enrollment requirements, the college/school offering the course will be indicated.

CLAS Course Override Form

  • This form can only be used during the add/drop enrollment period. After the add deadline, you must contact the department offering the course.
  • Allow 2 business days for processing.
Types of Overrides
  • Prerequisite Override - You will need either permission from the instructor or documentation that the pre-requisite course is either complete or in-progress.
  • Class Full - You will need permission from your instructor and in many cases permission from the academic unit offering the course.  Even with instructor permission, an override may not be possible due to a lack of physical seats in the classroom and fire code restrictions. 
  • Instructor Permission - This override is for courses where instructor permission is necessary for enrolling in the course. 
  • Departmental Consent - This override is for courses where the academic unit must approve all enrollments in the course.
  • Time Conflict- This override is needed when your classes overlap or are less than 15 minutes apart.  If your courses do overlap, you will need permission from any instructors who are allowing you to miss class time in order to accommodate the time conflict.

*** Please note that Course Reserves cannot be overridden. To find out information who the seats are reserved for or when they may be released, perform a catalog/course search and click on the desired course. The reserved seat information will be listed at the bottom of the page.  An override cannot be performed if there are no non-reserved seats available and you do not meet any of the reserve requirements.

Course Overload

Students may petition to register for more credits in a given semester by submitting a Course Overload Petition.

Learn more here.

Standards Committee Petitions

Petition Guidelines:

  • Petitions are for College of Liberal Arts and Sciences majors only.
  • The petitioning process can take 4-8 weeks from date of submission during Fall or Spring semesters. Summer petitions may take longer.
  • Incomplete petitions will be returned without review.
  • The ASU General Catalog is the governing document for all policies and rules.
  • If you have any questions about the petitioning process, contact the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Office of Student and Academic Programs at 480-965-6506

Petition Forms:

  • Complete the petition form below based on your request and submit all required materials with your completed petition.
  • This form is used for students who want to:
      • Enroll in an ASU Course for a Third Time or More
      • Return to a previous catalog year
      • Substitution of University General Studies (Transfer Courses Only)
      • Substitution of University General Studies (ASU Courses Only) and General Study Criteria Check sheets
      •  Substitution of the college Second Language or Mathematics Proficiency
      • Substitution of the college Graduation Requirements

    FileUndergraduate Standards Committee Petition

    Concurrent Degree Checklist

    General rules for students pursuing concurrent degrees in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

    • Student must be in good academic standing with an ASU cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher, and completed 30 credit hours of coursework (note: the department of your degree(s) may have additional academic requirements for the addition of a concurrent degree).
    • The college requires at least 30 credit hours to be used to fulfill the major requirements of a liberal arts and sciences degree be exclusive to that degree and not used to satisfy major requirements for another degree(s) or minor(s). If you are substituting courses between majors you may need to take additional courses in the liberal arts and sciences major(s) to fulfill the 30 exclusive credit hours.
    • If you enroll in a course that is cross-listed between your concurrent major departments, make sure to register for the course under the prefix of the appropriate major department that you are seeking credit.
    • If one degree is in another college, you must also follow the rules and procedures of that college.
    • Concurrent degrees may not be from the same discipline. Contact us if you have any questions about appropriate combinations.


    Your primary degree is the one that shows at the top of your transcripts. Your concurrent degree(s) is the additional degree(s) that you want to pursue. 


    1. Inform your advisor for each degree that you are pursuing concurrent degrees as soon as you decide to do so.  This information is important to the department's record keeping and it may affect your recommended courses.
    2. Fill out the Concurrent Degree Notification and turn in to the Office of Student and Academic Programs in Armstrong Hall, Suite 102. This may be done for liberal arts and sciences degrees at any time after you decide to pursue the concurrent degrees.
    3. If one of your degrees is in another college, contact that college and complete its required procedures for requesting/pursuing concurrent degrees.
    4. If you wish to rescind a concurrent degree, please email with your full name and ASU ID #, stating clearly which degree(s) you wish to remove from your academic record. If you are pursuing any minors, please indicate if you wish to retain the minor(s) so we can ensure it remains on your active degree program.

     Please email or call 480-965-6506 with any questions.

    Registration Forms and University Processes

    Check Sheets and Requirement/Curriculum Guides

    For students following the requirements of the 1987 through 2007 catalogs you can use the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Curriculum Check Sheet and Guide forms. The emphasis of these documents are on the University General Studies and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences requirements. Although general information is provided for your major, you must consult your major department (which, in most cases, has its own curriculum check sheet) for specific information concerning your field of specialization.

    View the list

    Bridge Courses

    Each student, following the requirements of the 2001-2002 through 2005-2006 catalogs, is required to complete one bridge course of at least three semester hours. Bridge courses contain substantial content that bridges at least two of the areas of inquiry within the college graduation requirements (humanities, natural sciences and mathematics and social and behavioral sciences).

    View the list of courses

    Advisor Resources