Bryan McKinley Jones Brayboy and Kaye Reed, both professors in ASU's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, have been named 2014 President's Professors
President's Professors 2014

Kaye Reed and Bryan McKinley Jones Brayboy will receive 2014 President’s Professors honors for their advancement of anthropology, Indigenous research and education.

Rethinking Race and Class

Harvard Professor and Civil Rights Attorney Lani Guinier speaks about “Rethinking Race and Class” at 7 p.m., April 16

During the hikes, ASU guests saw a wide variety of animals, ranging from birds, to coyotes, to turtles.
ASU students, faculty hike riparian wonderland

With wildlife teeming around them, dozens of adults and children explored a diverse Arizona ecosystem with ASU School of Life Sciences faculty during the annual SOLS Takes a Hike.

ASU graduate students receive prestigious fellowships

'Faculty for the Future' program supports women from developing countries pursuing doctorate and post-doctorate studies in scientific and engineering disciplines at leading universities.

Video: ASU Edson scholars innovate the future in medicine, health

Two teams making scientific breakthroughs in fogging prevention, contaminated water testing

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