Symbolic, Cognitive and Linguistic Systems, Certificate

Symbolic, Cognitive and Linguistic Systems, Certificate

Program Description

The symbolic, cognitive and linguistic systems certificate program takes an interdisciplinary approach to the symbolic representation and processing of information in human cognition, in natural languages, and in formal mathematical, logical and computing systems. Course work covers three areas: human cognition and theories of mind, philosophy of language and linguistics, and computing and logic.

Program Requirements

The certificate consists of 18 credit hours approved by an academic advisor in the School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies.

Students must complete at least one computer science and engineering CSE prefix course and at least one philosophy course, preferably PHI 333 Symbolic Logic (3).

Fifteen credit hours are chosen from the following, with at least one course required from each area:

Cognitive Systems:
PHI 313 Probability, Evidence, and Decision (3)
PHI 330 Theory of Knowledge, HU (3)
PHI 334 Philosophy of Mind, HU (3)
PHI 401 Rationalism (3)
PHI 402 Empiricism, HU (3)
PSY 323 Sensation and Perception (3)
PSY 324 Memory and Cognition (3)
PSY 434 Cognitive Psychology, L (3)
PSY 437 Human Factors, L (3)

Linguistic Systems:
ASB 480 Principles of Linguistics (3)
ASB 481 Language and Culture, SB (3)
ASB 483 Sociolinguistics and the Ethnography of Communication, SB (3)
ENG 213 Introduction to the Study of Language (3)
ENG 312 English in its Social Setting, L or HU or SB (3)
ENG 313 Phonology and Morphology (3)
ENG 314 Modern Grammar (3)
PHI 331 Philosophy of Language, HU (3)

Symbolic Systems:
CSE 110 Principles of Programming with Java, CS (3)
CSE 205 Object-oriented Programming and Data Structures, CS (3)
CSE 240 Introduction to Programming Languages (3)
MAT 243 Discrete Mathematical Structures (3)
MAT 300 Mathematical Structures, L (3)
MAT 420 Scientific Computing (3)
PHI 313 Probability, Evidence and Decision (3)
PHI 330 Theory of Knowledge, HU (3)
PHI 334 Philosophy of Mind, HU (3)

Since some of the approved courses in each area have special prerequisites, students should plan their certificate course work carefully. With written approval from the director of undergraduate studies for philosophy, one substitution of a course from outside the approved list may be made. At least 12 of the 18 credit hours must be upper-division and all courses must be passed with a minimum grade of "C" (2.00).

Enrollment Requirements

Any student admitted to study at ASU may complete a certificate. To apply to the university, please complete the Admission Services online application. Please contact the School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies advising center for more information.