Transfer support

In-state public institutions

If you want to transfer courses to Arizona State University from in-state community colleges and you have no other transfer credits, you should go directly to the advisor in the department of your major. Acceptance of these community college credits has been pre-negotiated, and the credits will be reflected in the Degree Audit Reporting System, also referred to as DARS.

Your department academic advisor can answer any questions about university, college or major requirements.

In-state private and all out-of-state institutions

You must be formally admitted to ASU before your transcripts can be evaluated.

After you are admitted:

  • If your transfer credits are international or were taken prior to 1997 from postsecondary institutions outside Arizona and any in-state private institutions, request an evaluation. The student support services office will determine whether the courses meet ASU’s general studies and college graduation requirements.
  • If your transfer credits were taken after 1997 from postsecondary institutions outside Arizona and any in-state private institutions, request an evaluation from the Transfer Credit Guide.
  • The university requires a first-year composition equivalent. If an equivalency has not been posted on the computer system, please submit your writing courses taken 1997 or later to the Transfer Credit Guide. Writing courses taken before 1997 will be submitted to Writing Programs for you during the evaluation process.
  • In some cases, mathematics courses must also be evaluated. Please submit the mathematics course, with a syllabus, to the Transfer Credit Guide. The academic advisor in your major can assist you in determining whether you will need to take the math placement test.
  • You will receive an email after your transfer evaluation is completed. Meet with your academic advisor to discuss the results and whether any of your transfer courses can be used toward the requirements of your major. That advisor can clear you for registration.