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The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Research Enterprise works to facilitate the research vision and goals of the college deans and university, as well as the chairs, directors and researchers. The current directive is to enable the college to grow and meet targeted levels of research excellence.

Proposal Development
Current information on how to get started and useful college-specific information and links.

Research Reports and Seed Funding
Summaries of recent accomplishments as well as examples of funding investments.

Research Center Administration
Research center and institute review process and reports are found on this page.

Research Technical Services 
A listing and resource of fee-for-service facilities in the college and at ASU.

Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Initiatives

Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Initiatives. Professor of Genomics, Evolution, and Bioinformatics focusing on regenerative and developmental genomics.

School of Life Sciences LSE 321 PO Box 874501
Thomas Colella
Senior Director of Core Research Facilities Administration
GWC 676
Amy Kuhns
Fiscal Specialist
Fulton 2481AA
Margaret Zywczyk
Research Advancement Specialist