Creative. Professional. Marketing Gurus.

Powered by passion, a quirky workplace and
an insatiable hunger for excellence

A full-service marketing squad
unifying and elevating the college’s brand

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences marketing team consists of passionate, professional experts who specialize in solving problems. We serve as a resource for the dean’s office and a consulting arm for our college’s communicators to create a unified identity and enhance our reputation as the intellectual heart of Arizona State University. Our team works in tandem with the Enterprise Marketing Hub to develop and implement integrated marketing strategies to maintain identity standards and elevate the university’s brand platform.  

But that’s not all! We’re more than just marketing experts, we’re also tech-savvy specialists who are responsible for creating technology standards and processes to move forward initiatives for student success. We’re targeted in our approach to drive retention and recruitment while constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency and add value to the college.  

Our beliefs

 1. We’re problem solvers.
 2. We use our expertise, research and collaboration to strategically advance the college. 
 3. At the end of the day, we help students find (and love) the right university for them. 

Our realm of specialties

Creative |

Building a brand and reputation

We provide a unified direction for the college’s marketing communications. Our creative services and resources help maintain a consistent brand through visual and writing standards.

Web Development |

Establishing a presence on the web

We support the design, development and maintenance of our college’s websites. Our web services and resources help communicators create and maintain brand-compliant websites.

Information Technology |

Ensuring our college has enterprise-level technical resources.

The college supports a broad range of initiatives, including service contracts with UTO, enterprise-level software agreements, security audits and remediation, instructional technology and design as well as high speed computing and general technical support.

Event Management |

Organizing events for the dean’s office

We plan, coordinate, promote and execute all events for the dean’s office. Our events team and resources help ensure our college communicators can effectively plan successful events.

Collaborative campaigns

Collaboration is key to our success. We fuse our areas of expertise to create an unstoppable force against all obstacles and challenges. Our marketing team works together to achieve common goals by brainstorming with unique perspectives to generate solutions. Through collaboration, we’re able to efficiently execute comprehensive campaigns that align with our core beliefs and advance the college.

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  Hearts and Scholars

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  Sun Devil Giving Day

  Webspark Redesign

The varsity squad

Our marketing team is full of experts who care. We’re constantly seeking ways to move the needle and solve problems. We love to engage and focus on key initiatives that drive recruitment and student success. We’re creative, fun and silly. We really enjoy our work and what we get to do. We can react to any problem in a timely manner with ease while providing the utmost guidance and support.  

Nick Adamakis
Anna Consie
Assistant Director
Kevin Beyer
IT Manager
Tyler Kilbourne
Web Manager
John Stobbe
Visual Designer
Kirsten Kraklio
Content Strategist
Gabriel Martinez
Web Developer
Robert Bruce
Web Developer