Receive unparalleled support from our team

In the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Residential College, our main priority is your success. You’ll live in close quarters with our exceptional team of upper-class students, faculty mentors and professional staff members who will give you the tools and resources to excel academically and beyond. From community engagement and academic mentoring to educational events and lectures, our team will help you enrich your college experience.

Community Directors — Each of our residence halls comes with professional community directors, excellent resources for you in all aspects of student living. Our community directors are great mentors for freshman and provide unparalleled support in academics and campus life. Whether you’re interested in attending a community event or you have concerns about you living environment, our community directors are here to help assist you.

Our community directors are responsible for:

  • enhancing student development
  • supervising student community mentors
  • assisting students and the community council
  • maintain a safe, secure environment for students
  • managing day-to-day community initiatives and programs

Community Assistants— Your residence hall comes complete with community assistants, upper-class students who are committed to helping you navigate the challenges of your first year of college. They live and work within the residential college to address any needs you may encounter. Our community assistants provide leadership, role modeling and community engagement opportunities to ease your transition from high school to university life.

Our community assistants will help you:

  • forge relationships with other students
  • feel a sense of belonging with a strong support system
  • connect with university resources to ensure academic success
  • make the most of your experience through social programs and events