Residential College

Live on campus, immerse yourself in the Sun Devil experience

Live with students who share your interests

As a first-year student in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, you’ll have a number of options to choose from when it comes to experiencing life as a Sun Devil. Our housing arrangements are designed to allow you to live with other students who share the same major in a supportive environment.

In your residential college, you can combine community activities with support services to advance your academic growth and development. Plus, studies show students who live on campus perform better academically and are happier with their college experience.

Residential Communities

Our residential communities within Manzanita, McClintock, Palo Verde West and San Pablo are available for first-year students in our college. Find out which community suits your needs best and how to enroll for housing. Learn more.

The CLAS Academy

If you’re a high-achieving freshman who meets our scholarship requirements, you can live in the CLAS Academy, located in San Pablo Hall. Residents are encouraged to get involved in community service and other activities. Learn more.

Barrett Honors College   

The residential community in Barrett, the Honors College is open to students who are accepted into the college. You’ll join a group of scholars who are committed to maximizing their college experience through honors coursework. Learn more.

Our housing expectation for first-year students

We believe living on campus is critical for a successful transition to university life and first-year academic success. Each of our residential communities provide access to resources and services to prepare you for the rigors of your academic major and success in your chosen field of study.

Arizona State University expects first-time freshmen to live on campus in the residential community of his or her major and guarantees housing to all first-year students. Students who wish to live elsewhere during their first year should notify University Housing, so they can receive valuable resources and support while off campus.