Fellowships and Awards

The following are fellowships and awards offered by the college and its departments. For more information, please click on department link or contact the designated person by phone or email.

College Awards and Fellowships

Student Excellence

The College recognizes outstanding graduate students who have been nationally acknowledged through funded fellowships, scholarships, travel and meeting awards. Eligible students receive funds to advance their research and are recognized at an annual ceremony. Apply

Cancer Research

The scholarship is awarded to graduate students who are participating in cancer research with a faculty member in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

*We are not currently accepting applications at this time.  Please e-mail Gradqs@asu.edu with any questions.

Contact Information: Gradqs@asu.edu


Department and School Awards and Fellowships

 Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • LeRoy Eyring Memorial Fellowship in Chemistry
  • John Kacoyannakis Graduate Award

Contact Information: David Nutt


  • Jeanne Lind Herberger Fellowship in Communication
  • Hutloff Koehler Fellowship
  • Dessie E. Larsen Graduate Fellowship in Performance Studies
  • Norman K. Perrill Scholarship

Contact Information: communication@asu.edu

Creative Writing

  • Virginia G. Piper Fellowships
  • Mabelle A. Lyon Poetry Award
  • Aleida Rodriguez Memorial Award
  • Glendon and Kathryn Swarthout Awards in Writing
  • Katharine C. Turner Fellowship

Contact Information: Karen Sideris

Earth and Space Exploration

  • Geosciences Alumni Award
  • Nininger Meteoritics Award
  • Troy L. Péwé Vision Fellowship in Quaternary Studies
  • Townsend Travel Grants

Contact Information: seseinfo@asu.edu


  • Carl C. Carlie Fellowships in Linguistics
  • English International Graduate Student Book Scholarship
  • Wilfred A. Ferrell Memorial Fellowship
  • Marvin Fisher Book Award for International Students
  • Don and Aileen Nilsen Humor Scholarship Award
  • George and Collice Portnoff Fellowship in Comparative Literature
  • Outstanding Paper on Second Language Writing Award
  • Katharine C. Turner Endowed Fellowship

Contact Information: Sheila Luna

Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning

  • Balling Family GIS Fellowship
  • Matthew G. Bailey Scholarship
  • Anthony J. Brazel Research Award
  • Gage Davis Associates Urban Planning Travel Scholarship
  • Mary R. Kihl Leadership Award
  • John F. Lounsbury Student Travel Fellowship
  • Melvin G. Marcus Memorial Fellowship
  • Gilbert F. White Environment and Society Fellowship

Contact information: geoplan@asu.edu

Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies


  • Wallace E. Adams Memorial Scholarship
  • Guilford A. Dudley Memorial Award in Asian Studies
  • Friends of Philosophy Scholarhip
  • Friends of Religious Studies Scholarship
  • Thomas H. Critchlow Scholarship in Political Thought
  • Emma Goldman History Travel Grant
  • William C. Jenkins Helios Education Foundation History Teaching Fellows
  • H.C. and M.C. Krueger Fellowship in Modern and Medieval European and English History
  • Max Millett Research Awards
  • Scholarly Publishing Award
  • Michael Steiner Memorial Award
  • Noel J. Stowe Public History Fellowship

Contact Information: shprs@asu.edu

Human Evolution and Social Change

  • Ruppe' Prize in Anthropology
  • Philip Mason Thompson Award
  • Donald H. Morris Awards for Outstanding Doctoral Students

Contact Information: Alissa Ruth

International Letters and Cultures

  • Foster Latin America Research Fellowship Awards
  • Hing-Fong Scholarship
  • Quino E. Martinez Scholarship
  • Judith J. Radke Translation Award

Contact Information: silc@asu.edu

Jewish Studies

  • Joan Frazer Memorial Award for Judaism and the Arts
  • Benjamin Goldberg Scholarships
  • Great Students Graduate Fellowship
  • Seymour H. Jacobs Memorial Prize in Jewish Studies
  • Jewish Studies Scholarships, Fellowships and Grants for Gerda Klein papers
  • Rabbi Morris N. Kertzer Scholarship
  • Schwartz Jewish Studies Fellowship
  • Schwartz Research, Study and Travel Grants

Contact Information: Jewish-Studies@asu.edu

Life Sciences

  • Edward and Linda Birge Graduate Travel Award
  • Michael A. Cichan Memorial Award (Plant Biology)
  • Lisa Dent Memorial Ecology Fellowship
  • Microbiology Fellowships
  • Peabody Family Memorial Fellowship

Contact information: sols.grad@asu.edu

Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

  • Floyd L. Downs Teaching of Mathematics Fellowship Award
  • Graduate Student Research Award
  • Robert G. Maule Memorial Mathematics Scholarship

Contact Information: Tracey Hayes

Medieval and Renaissance Studies

  • Medieval Graduate Student Award
  • Renaissance Graduate Student Award

Contact Information: Kendra TerBeek

Meteorite Studies

  • Nininger Award of Meteoritics

Contact Information: Susan Nowak


  • Department Graduate Support
  • Molecular Imaging Corporation Fellowships
  • William J. and Carol M. Motil Endowed Scholarships
  • Stoelzel Physics Scholarships

Contact Information: physics.grad@asu.edu


  • Martha E. Bernal Memorial Award
  • Robert B. Cialdini Dissertation Prize in Psychology
  • Robert B. Cialdini Dissertation Prize in Social Psychology
  • Department Awards
  • Darwyn and Marie Linder Graduate Fellowship in Social Psychology

Contact Information: Morris Okun

Social and Family Dynamics

  • Susan N. Coleman Scholarship in Gerontology
  • Ruth Cowden Scholarships
  • Elizabeth A. Monts Memorial Scholarship
  • Del Webb Gerontology Scholarship

Contact Information: Jean Memberto

Social Transformation

School of Social Transformation Fellowship Awards

Justice and Social Inquiry

  • First Generation Justice Studies Alumni Fellowship
  • Norton Grant for Women's Studies
  • Lionel E. Rombach Graduate Fellowship

Women and Gender Studies

      • Nita Heard Hardie Women and Gender Studies Fellowship Award
      • Margery Myers Rothschild Dissertation Research Fellowship

Contact information: Johnny Roldan-Chacon