Science and Society

Approved Science & Society Requirements

  • Students must take at least six credit hours.
  • At least one course (3 credit hours) must be upper division (300-499).
  • Students must receive a letter grade of C or better in both courses.
  • One Science and Society course may be used to fulfill one requirement in the major or minor. That course may also be used to satisfy the "Literacy & Critical Inquiry" ("L") general stuides requirement and no more than two Awareness Areas ("C," "G," "H"). The second Science and Society course can only be used to satisfy the Literacy requirement or two Awareness Areas. Science and Society courses cannot be used to satisfy general studies requirements other than Literacy or the Awareness Areas. 
  • To qualify, courses listed under omnibus (194, 294, 394, 494) or special topics course numbers (e.g. ENG 469) must match the course title shown on the approved list to be used for the Science and Society requirement. Note that omnibus courses numbered 194, 294, 394, 494 and certain other special topic courses such as ENG 469, HST 201, JUS 200, POS 426, WST 498 change titles and not all titles have been approved.  
  • Effective spring 2015 all approved courses must satisfy all three learning goals. Prior to spring 2015, some approved courses did not satisfy all three learning goals. Those courses must be combined with an additonal course in such a way that all learning goals (1, 2, & 3) of the requirement are fulfilled. Learning Goals are listed at the bottom of the page. 
  • Effective spring 2015, all sections of an approved course will satisfy the requirement regardless of the identity of the instructor teaching the course. For courses completed prior to spring 2015, if an instructor is specified you must have completed the course with that instructor to earn credit, whether the course is an omnibus course or not. If no instructor is specified then any ASU instructor qualifies. 

Important Information

  • For courses completed prior to spring 2015, not all of the possible course combinations will fulfill this requirement.
  • The student is responsible for selecting courses from the list of approved courses that will meet this requirement.
  • Some courses have prerequisites. Check the current catalog for prerequisite information.
  • Questions about these requirements should be directed to your departmental advisor. It is also strongly recommended that you discuss your course selections with your departmental advisor before you register.
  • Advisors that have questions about this requirement may contact OSAP. 

Course Lists

Approved Science & Society List – The list of all approved courses for Science and Society.

List of Available Science and Society Courses - The listing of available courses includes all courses that are approved and offered in the current semester.

Spring 2016 Available Courses for Campus Students

Spring 2016 Available Courses for ASU Online Students

Fall 2015 Available Courses for Campus Students

Fall 2015 Available Courses for ASU Online Students

NOTE: Science and society courses will be available in the summer term, however a list of available courses will not be provided. 

Course Placement Request Form

Once you complete a Science and Society course, and a grade of C or better has been posted, please check your Degree Audit Report (DARS).  If the course is not placed in the Science and Society requirement area, please submit the Course Placement Request Form.  Allow five to 10 business days for your request to be processed. 

Learning Goals

  1. Understand the reciprocal relationship between science and societies (local, regional, national and/or global).
  2. Develop a critical understanding of the western scientific principles underlying some of the major topical scientific issues in the public domain.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to formulate, communicate and defend well-informed views of their own concerning the issues studied.

Course Proposals - Faculty Only

Faculty who wish to propose additional courses for this list will need to download the Science and Society Proposal form. All course syllabi should be developed according to the CLAS Syllabi Guidelines. Please submit these documents to Jenny Smith.  Proposals will be reviewed by the Curriculum Committee.