The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers many opportunities for you to:

  • Engage with other students and faculty.
  • Discover relationships between what you learn in the classroom and what goes on in the "real-world."
  • Connect your coursework with your career aspirations. 

Clubs and Organizations
Whatever your talents and interests, you'll find an opportunity at ASU to get involved and make your ASU experience the best it can be.

College Ambassadors
A student-based advisory committee to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences administration. The ambassadors take a hands-on approach to making a better college.

College Council
The council actively engages students in university affairs, activities and events relating to the college. The council is funded through Undergraduate Student Government and is directly represented by four senators serving the college.

Internships and Careers
Students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences prepare themselves for a broad range of careers. While in college, it is possible to receive academic credit for internships. 

Supervised research is a vital part of education here at ASU, and students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are involved in a variety of different projects. There are numerous Undergraduate Research Scholarships available to students who are interested in doing research with ASU faculty. The college also hosts an annual research symposium to recognize the contributions our students make to the advancement of knowledge. Students from across the college including the humanities, the social sciences, the natural sciences and mathematics display posters of their research projects.

Study Abroad
One of the richest and most memorable experiences that students can have while in college is to study abroad. Students can take a full academic year or a single semester at a university almost anywhere in the world or can accompany ASU faculty on one of the summer study abroad programs. Either way, students can earn ASU credits toward their degree. 

Scholarships and Awards
The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences provides recognition and financial support to students through over 100 scholarships. Some scholarships are for students in a particular area or major, while others provide research support and assist first-generation students.