Clubs and Organizations

Whatever your talents and interests, you’ll find an opportunity to get involved and maximize your ASU experience. There are over 40 clubs and organizations affiliated with CLAS and over 600 clubs and organizations at ASU. Did you know that our Latin Club, sponsored by our School of International Letters and Cultures, is named Solis Diaboli? Or that our Consortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes sponsors a club focused on the intersections between science, society and the law? The group is called Triple Helix and publishes a biannual journal (written by and for our students) addressing these important contemporary issues. So get connected!

Join a CLAS or ASU student organization today – and if you don’t see a club that suits your interests, start a new one!

The SORC administers all registered CLAS and ASU student organizations, which are listed in this searchable database.

There are two student organizations which are closely connected with CLAS. One is College Ambassadors, a student-based advisory committee to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences administration. The ambassadors take a hands-on approach to building a better college. Admission to the Ambassadors is via nomination by a faculty or staff member. The other organization is CLAS College Council. The council actively engages students in university affairs, activities and events relating to the college. The council is funded through Undergraduate Student Government and is directly represented by four senators serving the college.