CLAS Residential College

What is a Residential College?

A Residential College is where students live with other students from their same academic discipline. These living-learning communities provide a supportive, vibrant environment designed to help students succeed at the university.

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Where can you live?

2015-2016 Locations

Manzanita Hall ASU

Manzanita – Manzanita Hall is a freshman co-ed hall that provides double occupancy accommodations with suite-style bathrooms. Manzanita is home to Manzy Square, the only all-you-care-to-eat dining facility located on the north campus. Residents can enjoy computer labs, laundry facilities, dining hall, fitness center, meeting spaces and two-story lounges with community kitchens.

McClintock Hall ASUMcClintock – Right next to Hayden Library the Memorial Union and central to everything on campus, McClintock Hall features a small computer lab, laundry and kitchen facilities, vending machines, air conditioning and a volleyball court. The rooms in McClintock are double-occupancy with suite-style bathrooms. Built in 1951, McClintock Hall was named in honor of James H. McClintock, the first president of the Alumni Association and a prominent Arizona historian.

Palo Verde West ASU

Palo Verde West – Home to a Tutoring Center and large lounge spaces, Palo Verde West provides double occupancy accommodations with suite-style bathrooms. Dining options in nearby Palo Verde Main include Devil's Diner, a 1950s-themed restaurant, Devil's Bistro, featuring pizza, and Devil's Greens, offering salads, soups, breads and fruit. The Hub in nearby Palo Verde East is also home to Starbucks, the UPS Store and the University Housing Technology Center.

San Pablo ASU

San Pablo / CLAS Academy– Housing option for incoming academic scholarship recipients, San Pablo features double occupancy accommodations with suite-style baths. Amenities include: 24-hour campus security and front desk services, tutoring services, academic advising, laundry facilities, kitchen facilities and in room Ethernet/wireless connectivity.

How do I make a selection?

  1. All first-time incoming freshmen admitted to majors in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are eligible to live in one of the three buildings housing the CLAS Residential College (please see details for selecting San Pablo and the CLAS Academy).Hayden Lawn ASU
  2. After admission and submitting the enrollment deposit all housing options will be viewable on
  3. Complete your ASU Housing and Dining Confirmation. Select the 'College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Community' of your choice.

Why live in the CLAS Residential College?

ASU residential life

Leaving home for college is a huge change. At the Tempe campus in the CLAS Residential College, you can thrive in the intellectual heart of the university with students from your same academic discipline.

The CLAS Residential College provides a supportive, vibrant environment designed to help you succeed at the university. Living among fellow CLAS students, you have opportunities and experiences that will contribute to your personal and professional growth and development.

Our college boasts the most choice and diversity of studies as the largest college at ASU, giving you the opportunity to dream it, do it. The CLAS Residential College operates as a central location for informing first-year students about departmental activities and connecting them to faculty.

Upper-class students are great resources for first year students. The CLAS Residential College recruits well-rounded, enthusiastic upper-class students as Community Mentors who live on each floor throughout the halls. These upper-class students have been trained to actively support you as you work toward your dream.

Meet your Community Director

The CLAS Residential College community directors (CDs) are resources for students in all aspects of the student living communities in which they oversee. They are excellent mentors for freshmen by providing support and help in academics and student life. Take a moment to get to know your Community Director.

Still have questions?

If you have questions about the CLAS Residential College, contact Grace Fama in the Office of Student and Academic Programs, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (480-965-6506 or