CLAS Blocks

Offered in the fall semester, CLAS Blocks are a great way to meet people and improve study habits. Groups of 19 first-semester freshmen are clustered together in a common block schedule. Students register for a pre-set schedule that includes critical courses, general studies classes and a student success seminar.


  • Helps students adjust to the university socially and academically
  • Facilitates academic support and study groups
  • Selected large lecture courses include structured review sessions
  • Several Success Clusters offered for specific majors or professional interests
  • Success Cluster options will fit any Major Map

Student Success Seminar

  • Capped at 19 students
  • Introduces students to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and their academic departments
  • Focuses on academic success, academic integrity and student engagement
  • Taught by faculty, academic advisors and talented upperclassmen

Student Facilitators

Each semester talented upperclass students are selected as Student Facilitators. The Student Facilitators teach LIA 101 "Student Success in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences," under the supervision of the Director of First-Year Programs. The Student Facilitators serve as mentors for first-semester students as they adjust to life at Arizona State University. They design and grade assignments, teach skills for academic success and introduce students to facilities and resources that will help them become successful students in CLAS.

Fall 2013 CLAS Blocks (PDF)