CLAS Blocks

Offered in the fall semester, CLAS Blocks are a great way to meet people and improve study habits. Groups of 19 first-semester freshmen are clustered together in a common block schedule. Students register for a pre-set schedule that includes critical courses, general studies classes and a student success seminar.


  • Helps students adjust to the university socially and academically
  • Facilitates academic support and study groups
  • Selected large lecture courses include structured review sessions
  • Several Success Clusters offered for specific majors or professional interests
  • Success Cluster options will fit any Major Map

Student Success Seminar

  • Capped at 19 students
  • Introduces students to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and their academic departments
  • Focuses on academic success, academic integrity and student engagement
  • Taught by faculty, academic advisors and talented upperclassmen