Graduate Studies

Want to advance your education and career? ASU’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences’ graduate studies immerse you in a dynamic educational environment, rich with cultural and intellectual diversity full of opportunities and access to top-level resources.

Contact Graduate Education for more information on graduate programs in the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences.

African Studies (Grad Certificate)
American Indian Studies (Cultural Resource Revitalization and Sust) MS
American Indian Studies (Indigenous Rights and Social Justice) MS
American Indian Studies (Tribal Leadership and Governance) MS
American Indian Studies (Visual and Oral Culture) MS
American Media and Popular Culture (MAS)
American Studies
Animal Behavior (PhD)
Anthropology (Complex Adaptive Systems Science) (PhD)
Anthropology (PhD)
Anthropology (Urbanism) PhD
Applied Behavior Analysis (MS)
Applied Ethics (Biomedical and Health Ethics) MA
Applied Linguistics (PHD)
Applied Math for the Life and Social Sciences (Complex Adaptive Sys Science) PhD
Applied Mathematics (PHD)
Applied Mathematics for the Life and Social Sciences (PhD)
Asian Languages/Civilizations (Chinese) MA
Asian Languages/Civilizations (Japanese) MA
Asian Studies (Grad Certificate)
Astrophysics (MS)
Astrophysics (PhD)
Atmospheric Science (Grad Certificate)
Audiology (AuD)
Biochemistry (Medicinal Chemistry) (MS)
Biochemistry (MS)
Biochemistry (PhD)
Biology (Biology and Society) (MS)
Biology (Biology and Society) (PhD)
Biology (Complex Adaptive Systems Science) (PhD)
Biology (MS)
Biology (PhD)
Biomimicry (Grad Certificate)
Biomimicry (MS)
Chemistry (MS)
Chemistry (PhD)
Communication (PhD)
Communication Disorders (MS)
Creative Writing (MFA)
Critical Theory (Grad Certificate)
East Asian Languages and Civilization (PhD)
English (English Education) PhD
English (Literature) PhD
English (MA)
English (Writing, Rhetorics and Literacies) (PhD)
Environmental Life Sciences (PHD)
Environmental Social Science (Complex Adaptive Systems Science) (PhD)
Environmental Social Science (PhD)
Environmental Social Science (Urbanism) PHD
Evolutionary Biology (PhD)
Exploration Systems Design (Instrumentation) PhD
Exploration Systems Design (PhD)
Exploration Systems Design (Sensor Networks) PhD
Exploration Systems Design (Systems Engineering) PhD
Family and Human Development (MS)
Family and Human Development (PhD)
French Comparative Literature (MA)
French Linguistics (MA)
French Literature (MA)
Gender Studies (Grad Certificate)
Gender Studies (PhD)
Geographic Education (MAS)
Geographic Information Science (Grad Certificate)
Geographic Information Systems (MAS)
Geography (MA)
Geography (PhD)
Geological Sciences (MNS)
Geological Sciences (MS)
Geological Sciences (PhD)
German (MA)
Global Health (Complex Adaptive Systems Science) (PhD)
Global Health (Culture and Health) PHD
Global Health (Evolutionary Global Health Sciences) PhD
Global Health (MA)
Global Health (PhD)
Global Health (Urbanism) PhD
History (MA)
History (PhD)
History and Philosophy of Science (PhD)
Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology (PhD)
Immigration Studies (Grad Certificate)
Infant - Family Practice (MAS)
International Letters and Cultures
Justice Studies (MS)
Justice Studies (PhD)
Liberal Studies (Film and Media Studies) (MLSt)
Liberal Studies (MLSt)
Linguistics (Grad Certificate)
Linguistics and Applied Linguistics (MA)
Linguistics and Applied Linguistics (PhD)
Literary Translation Studies
Marriage and Family Therapy (MAS)
Mathematics (MA)
Mathematics (PhD)
Mathematics Education (PhD) (Mathematics and Statistics Dept - Grades 9-20)
Medieval Studies (Grad Certificate)
Microbiology (PhD)
Molecular and Cellular Biology (MS)
Molecular/Cellular Biology (PhD)
Museum Studies (Grad Certificate)
Museum Studies (MA)
Nanoscience (PSM)
Neuroscience (PHD)
Nonfiction Writing and Publishing
Philosophy (History and Philosophy of Science) MA
Philosophy (History and Philosophy of Science) PHD
Philosophy (MA)
Philosophy (PhD)
Physics (MNS)
Physics (MS)
Physics (PhD)
Plant Biology and Conservation (MS)
Political Science (MA)
Political Science (PhD)
Psychology (PhD)
Psychology (Quantitative Research Methods) (PhD)
Religious Studies (MA)
Religious Studies (PhD)
Renaissance Studies (Grad Certificate)
Responsible Innovation in Science, Engineering and Society Certificate
Scholarly Publishing (Grad Certificate)
Science and Technology Policy (MSTP)
Social and Cultural Pedagogy (MA)
Social Transformation (Certificate)
Socio-Economic Justice (Grad Certificate)
Sociological Inquiry (PhD)
Sociology (MA)
Spanish (MA)
Spanish (PhD)
Speech and Hearing Science (PhD)
Statistics (Grad Certificate)
Statistics (MS)
Statistics (PHD)
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MTESOL)
Transborder Studies (MAS)
Transportation Systems (Grad Certificate)
Urban and Environmental Planning (MUEP)
Urban Planning (PhD)
Women and Gender Studies