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Research Opportunities

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Join a research initiative to enhance your education

Our mission is to provide an interactive research environment for undergraduate students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Working with a faculty researcher in the college, students will have opportunities to explore new areas, engage in novel research and contribute to an academic field.

Benefits for participating in research are numerous. Students will get to know faculty outside of the classroom, gain new knowledge, participate in cutting-edge projects, develop skills for the global workforce and gain valuable experience that can be reflected on graduate school applications and resumes.

Each semester, several scholarships are awarded to undergraduate majors in our college.

What is research?

Research is an exploratory activity to gain a better understanding of the world. It is more than laboratories and test tubes. Exploratory activities cross all domains of the liberal arts and sciences, including natural sciences, humanities and social sciences. Research results in discovery, finding truths and resolving curiosities. (Medawar, 1981; NSF)

Why get involved in research?

Participating in research provides students with the opportunity to interact with experienced faculty and get to know them outside of the classroom, as well as interact with graduate students and other undergraduates in a different learning environment. It provides students with an opportunity to gain new knowledge and participate in cutting-edge projects. Students engaged in research activities develop critical thinking and problem solving skills; skills that will benefit them now as well as in the future.