Discovery Seminars - Spring 2018

Small, engaging one-credit classes for first-year students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University. 

Are you ready to start your journey?

College is a time for exploration, self-discovery and personal reflection. Start your Sun Devil journey with a Discovery Seminar - a small, engaging one-credit course designed exclusively for first-year students. These courses offer an array of benefits for students, including:

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Brexit and Democracy
Daniel Pout, Instructor- School of Politics and Global Studies

We will explore the meaning of Brexit in terms of the increasing use of direct democracy in the UK, who participates in democracy, and how the Brexit vote was, in part, a reaction to the EU's democratic deficit.

Session C
M 3:05-3:55PM, PABLO 105
SLN: 26123

Career Exploration
Jim Klemaszewski, Instructor- School of Molecular Sciences

Students will be exposed to an overview of degree programs and potential careers and related disciplines. Successful professionals related to student interests will be guests throughout the semester. Students will have the opportunity to develop and apply knowledge and skills learned, and to assist others.  The class will be organized to promote discussion and personal development.

Session C
F 2:00-2:50PM, PABLO 105
SLN: 29736

CREATIVITY Think Outside the Box
Susan Bernstein, Lecturer; Stretch First-Year Writing Co-Coordinator- Department of English

Discover the significance of creativity in struggles for resilience. Learn how creativity works in movements for social equity, and for people living with hearing loss, ADHD, and PTSD. Explore the promise of creativity through hands-on learning projects designed individually and in groups. Investigate the potential of thinking outside the box.

Session C
W 2:00-2:50PM, PABLO 105
SLN: 29735

Geek Out for Democracy
David Boyles, Instructor- Department of English

Groups like The Harry Potter Alliance and Very Awesome Girls have harnessed members' pop culture fandom into real-world activism. Fans "geek out for democracy" by organizing for issues like gender equality and education access. We will learn how fandom can spur social engagement and participants will develop their own fandom-inspired activism. 

Session C
T 3:00-3:50PM, PABLO 105
SLN: 29744

Walkable Cities
Jason Kelley, Lecturer- School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning

What makes a city "walkable?"  Learn the principles of pedestrian-oriented planning and design, critique the walkability of our own Valley of the Sun, explore Tempe's Mill Avenue on foot, and discover examples of truly "walkable" cities worldwide in this seminar all about places built for the pedestrian.

Session C
Th 3:00-3:50PM, PABLO 105
SLN: 29745

Drugs, Needles and People
Phillip Scharf, Senior Director of Retention and Advising- College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

So, you want to be a doctor? Have you ever thought about going into healthcare? Are you curious what medical school and careers in healthcare might look like? Come find out first-hand what you need to do as undergraduate to be prepared for a successful career in medicine and other healthcare professions. We will tour medical school facilities, interact with current healthcare professionals, acquire skills to be prepared for the MCAT (the medical school entrance exam), and learn from current ASU upperclassmen who are on the journey to medical school. Gain the insights you need to become a successful candidate for a career in medicine.

Session A
M 4:10-6:00 PM, PABLO 105
SLN: 29740

Glimpses of Phoenix
David William Foster, Regents' Professor of Spanish and Women and Gender Studies- School of International Letters and Cultures

There is the prevelant belief that Phoenix has no history and, as a consequence no significant cultural production: people tend to believe that the history of Phoenix began when they arrived. This courses will examine significant issues in Phoenix history and culture, including actually exploring the city on foot.

Session A
W 4:10-6:00PM, PABLO 105
SLN: 29741

Sex & Communication in College
Paul Mongeau, Professor- Hugh Downs School of Human Communication

Co-taught by Graduate Teaching Associate Nikki Truscelli.

In college environments, sex occurs in a variety of forms and contexts. Communication between partners influences, and is influenced by, these contexts. Thus, this course focuses on the interplay of sex and communication in college life. Specifically, we will focus on personal, institutional, and social influences of sex in college. 

Session A
F 4:10-6:00PM, PABLO 105
SLN: 29863

Design the University of the Future
Jacqueline Smith, Associate Vice President- University Initiatives

Students will discuss and debate the role of universities in society and the purpose of higher education. Students will work in teams to imagine and design the university of the future based on their assessment of emergent risks and opportunities. This class requires active participation as students will apply design thinking methods.  

Session B
W 4:10-6:00PM, PABLO 105
SLN: 29743

Going Global
Drew Ross, Senior Program Coordinator- International Students & Scholars Center

Being a Global Citizen requires empathy and an open mind to be able to engage meaningfully and responsibly with diverse people, ideas, and opportunities. Through this seminar, we will address ways that individuals can explore, connect and participate in today’s ever-changing global border-less community.  

Session B
M 4:10-6:00PM, PABLO 105
SLN: 29742

*A session duration: January 8 to February 27
*B session duration: March 12 to April 27
*C session duration: January 8 to April 27