Department and School Awards and Fellowships

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  • Jeanne Lind Herberger Fellowship in Communication
  • Hutloff Koehler Fellowship
  • Dessie E. Larsen Graduate Fellowship in Performance Studies
  • Norman K. Perrill Scholarship

Creative Writing

  • Virginia G. Piper Fellowships
  • Mabelle A. Lyon Poetry Award
  • Aleida Rodriguez Memorial Award
  • Glendon and Kathryn Swarthout Awards in Writing
  • Katharine C. Turner Fellowship

Earth and Space Exploration

  • Geosciences Alumni Award
  • Nininger Meteoritics Award
  • Troy L. Péwé Vision Fellowship in Quaternary Studies
  • Townsend Travel Grants


  • Carl C. Carlie Fellowships in Linguistics
  • English International Graduate Student Book Scholarship
  • Wilfred A. Ferrell Memorial Fellowship
  • Marvin Fisher Book Award for International Students
  • Don and Aileen Nilsen Humor Scholarship Award
  • George and Collice Portnoff Fellowship in Comparative Literature
  • Outstanding Paper on Second Language Writing Award
  • Katharine C. Turner Endowed Fellowship

Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning

  • Balling Family GIS Fellowship
  • Matthew G. Bailey Scholarship
  • Anthony J. Brazel Research Award
  • Gage Davis Associates Urban Planning Travel Scholarship
  • Mary R. Kihl Leadership Award
  • John F. Lounsbury Student Travel Fellowship
  • Melvin G. Marcus Memorial Fellowship
  • Gilbert F. White Environment and Society Fellowship

Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies - History

  • Wallace E. Adams Memorial Scholarship
  • Guilford A. Dudley Memorial Award in Asian Studies
  • Friends of Philosophy Scholarhip
  • Friends of Religious Studies Scholarship
  • Thomas H. Critchlow Scholarship in Political Thought
  • Emma Goldman History Travel Grant
  • William C. Jenkins Helios Education Foundation History Teaching Fellows
  • H.C. and M.C. Krueger Fellowship in Modern and Medieval European and English History
  • Max Millett Research Awards
  • Scholarly Publishing Award
  • Michael Steiner Memorial Award
  • Noel J. Stowe Public History Fellowship

Human Evolution and Social Change

  • Ruppe' Prize in Anthropology
  • Philip Mason Thompson Award
  • Donald H. Morris Awards for Outstanding Doctoral Students

International Letters and Cultures

  • Foster Latin America Research Fellowship Awards
  • Hing-Fong Scholarship
  • Quino E. Martinez Scholarship
  • Judith J. Radke Translation Award

Jewish Studies

  • Joan Frazer Memorial Award for Judaism and the Arts
  • Benjamin Goldberg Scholarships
  • Great Students Graduate Fellowship
  • Seymour H. Jacobs Memorial Prize in Jewish Studies
  • Jewish Studies Scholarships, Fellowships and Grants for Gerda Klein papers
  • Rabbi Morris N. Kertzer Scholarship
  • Schwartz Jewish Studies Fellowship
  • Schwartz Research, Study and Travel Grants

Life Sciences

  • Edward and Linda Birge Graduate Travel Award
  • Michael A. Cichan Memorial Award (Plant Biology)
  • Lisa Dent Memorial Ecology Fellowship
  • Microbiology Fellowships
  • Peabody Family Memorial Fellowship
  • Harry Swift Scholarship

Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

  • Floyd L. Downs Teaching of Mathematics Fellowship Award
  • Graduate Student Research Award
  • Robert G. Maule Memorial Mathematics Scholarship

Medieval and Renaissance Studies

  • Medieval Graduate Student Award
  • Renaissance Graduate Student Award

Meteorite Studies

  • Nininger Award of Meteoritics

Molecular Sciences

  • LeRoy Eyring Memorial Fellowship in Chemistry
  • John Kacoyannakis Graduate Award


  • Department Graduate Support
  • Molecular Imaging Corporation Fellowships
  • William J. and Carol M. Motil Fellowship
  • Stoelzel Physics Scholarships


  • Martha E. Bernal Memorial Award
  • Robert B. Cialdini Dissertation Prize in Psychology
  • Robert B. Cialdini Dissertation Prize in Social Psychology
  • Department Awards
  • Darwyn and Marie Linder Graduate Fellowship in Social Psychology

Social and Family Dynamics

  • Susan N. Coleman Scholarship in Gerontology
  • Ruth Cowden Scholarships
  • Elizabeth A. Monts Memorial Scholarship
  • Del Webb Gerontology Scholarship

Social Transformation

School of Social Transformation Fellowships and Awards

Justice and Social Inquiry

  • First Generation Justice Studies Alumni Fellowship
  • Norton Grant for Women's Studies
  • Lionel E. Rombach Graduate Fellowship

Women and Gender Studies

  • Nita Heard Hardie Women and Gender Studies Fellowship Award
  • Margery Myers Rothschild Dissertation Research Fellowship