Start the path to graduation

You need 120 credit hours to graduate from Arizona State University, and the courses you pick for your first semester form the path to success. Your academic advisor will help you pick the right courses so you stay on track for the rest of your college experience. Your first semester will include a mix of critical courses, general studies and student success courses that will help you get acclimated to college life and ready for your next four years. 

The College Blocks

The College Blocks are a great way to meet people and improve study habits. You’ll join a group of freshmen with a pre-set schedule, including critical courses, general studies and your success seminar. These blocks will help you adjust to the university both academically and socially with students who share your academic interests.

The ASU Experience

Our ASU Experience course, LIA101, introduces you to our college, as well as transitioning to ASU and your new major. These small courses focus on key topics for incoming freshmen, including academic success, integrity and student engagement. Your instructor will typically be your assigned advisor in your first year.

Discovery Seminars

If you’re interested in meeting new friends and exploring a unique topic that complements your major or interests, you should consider signing up for a Discovery Seminar – a small, one-credit course exclusively for first-year students. Some course topics include discovering yourself through family history, the sociology of summer camp, and your future in medicine.

Excel in your classes

The first step to achieving academic success as a student in The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is learning how to excel in your classes at the university. The difference from high school homework to college-level coursework can be significant and may require an increased time commitment. From participating in discussions to allotting time for studying, these strategies will help you tackle your first year with ease.

 Participate in classroom discussion

 Meet with professors during office hours

a stack of books

 Plan 30 hours a week for coursework and studying

a computer

Take advantage of free tutoring services 

Explore the world through study abroad


Learn about internship opportunities


Contribute to cutting-edge research 

Gain valuable experience

You’ll open the door to a host of possibilities when you complement your academic studies with real-world experience through research, study abroad and professional internships. From exploring your interests in one of our college’s innovative research centers to discovering a new culture in a different country, you’ll enhance your resume and become a competitive applicant for employment or graduate school after graduation.

Join a club or organization

Student clubs and organizations are a great way to meet new friends and develop leadership skills – all while having fun exploring your individual interests. With more than 1,000 clubs and organizations to join, there’s something for everyone at ASU. If you can’t find something to pique your interest, we encourage you to start your own.

Volunteer and make a difference

If you’re passionate about social justice and want to make a difference in the world through community service, you should consider getting involved with Changemaker Central at ASU. You can volunteer at a variety of different community service project with like-minded students who are leading social change locally and internationally.

Get involved in your residential college

Your residential college is more than your home away from home – it’s also a place where you can get involved with service projects, attend lectures by our faculty fellows or plan fun events for your peers. You’ll feel a sense of community while making lasting connections. Contact University Housing at housing@asu.edu for additional information about community involvement.

Live on campus

See an academic advisor


  • Adjust to the university, socially and academically.
  • Receive academic support and join study groups.
  • Attend structured review sessions for large lecture courses.
  • Find a success cluster for your major or professional interests.

Student Success Seminar (LIA 101)

  • Capped at 24 students.
  • Introduces students to our college and academic departments.
  • Focuses on academic success, integrity and student engagement.
  • Typically taught by your first-year advisor.