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Do you need to find a new major?

Our advisors aim to assist you in being successful, finding the right major and career path to meet your interests and ultimately, graduating from ASU with your degree. Follow these steps to change your major:

Review the "homework assignments" listed below and complete at least two:

  • Interview someone who works in a field you’re interested in, then search Undergraduate Degree Programs to find an ASU program that matches that field.
  • Visit the ASU Bookstore and peruse textbooks in courses that look interesting to you or that you’ve always wanted to take, then study the ASU program offerings.

When you review Undergraduate Degree Programs at the eAdvisor website, be sure to take note of minimum grade point average requirements. Remember, some colleges at ASU have higher GPA standards than the university minimum of 2.00.

Make an appointment with an advisor

If, after completing these tasks, you have determined your new major (and you meet minimum GPA requirements), make an advising appointment in that office. It is important that you discuss program options and requirements with an advisor before changing your major. You can find academic advisor contact information at the ASU Advising Directory.

If there are several majors you're interested in and are still unsure which to choose, please click here to fill out a pre-appointment request form. After you have submitted your request, please call 480-965-6506 to schedule an appointment with a transitional advisor. 

Our goal is your goal: success in a program that is the right fit for you (and one you enjoy!), and graduate from ASU. We are here to assist you in your search and look forward to working with you.